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Offline or manual payments

When you have the unfortunate situation that your network or internet is down, you can still process payments with Tebi. Any payments you do while offline will sync when the app gets access to the internet again. So make sure you connect your tablet with the internet as soon as you can.

How to perform a manual payment

To perform a manual payment you take the following steps in the app:

  1. Open the invoice you want to close
  2. Tap the Pay button
  3. Tap the Terminal selection button
  4. Select Manual payment
  5. Tap the Payment button on the bottom left like you would normally
  6. A pop-up should show asking you to confirm whether you succeeded with the payment, do not press ‘Yes’ yet

Now we move to the terminal to perform the payment. On the terminal you take the following steps:

  1. Tap Payment
  2. Enter the value of the invoice
  3. Hand the terminal to customer like you normally would
  4. Wait for the payment to succeed, retry when payment fails

After you received the payment through the terminal you take the following step in the Tebi App:

  1. Tap Yes on the confirm payment pop-up

The invoice should close now.

Note: Please be aware that manual payment will stay selected until you deselect it again. You can deselect it by taking the same steps that you used to select it above.

Turn off manual payment option

To turn off the manual payment option in the App:

  • Login to the Tebi Back Office
  • Go to Tools > Settings
  • Deselect the Manual Payment option