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Adding discounts

You can set discounts up in the Tebi Back Office:

  • In the Back Office go to Tools > Discounts
  • In the Discount Screen, press the + on the top right side
  • Fill in the discount name
  • Add the percentage to be discounted
  • Turn on the apply to all sales toggle if you want the discount to apply to all sales
  • Hit save and your discount will be ready

To use a discount in an invoice:

  • Open an invoice in the App
  • You can apply a discount to the whole order by:
    • tapping the customer name field, or
    • tapping the three dots and selecting add/remove discount
  • Or you can apply a discount to one or more products by tapping the product names in the Sale Details, then pressing the Edit ✎ button
  • Then simply select the discount you want to apply
Tebi Apply Discount Screenshot

To remove a discount:

  • If the discount has been applied to an entire invoice, tap the customer name and unselect the discount
  • If the discount has been applied to one or more products, select the products you want to remove it from, press Edit ✎ and unselect the discount