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Using QuickPay

What is QuickPay

For most businesses, 80% of their payments use the same payment configuration. Configuring your payment after every sale is unnecessary, but flexibility is needed when you want to pick a different payment method. QuickPay allows you to take payments faster, so you can spend more time running your business.

How to set it up?

  • Go to Settings > Preferences.
tebi app preferences
  • Enable QuickPay by selecting which payment method you use the most.
  • Setting up card payments? Select your preferred payment terminal:
quickpay card payments

How to use it?

In a sale, you use QuickPay by tapping the button with the icon. The icon represents your preferred payment method (card or cash).

  • Set up a card? Your chosen payment terminal will prompt the customer for their card.
  • Set up cash? It will immediately prompt you a modal asking if the cash is received.
quickpay payment button

Need a different payment method? Tap the … dot and choose a different payment configuration.

quickpay change payment method

Tapped QuickPay by mistake? A dialog will appear before the payment is finalized, where you can cancel the payment and configure it differently.

quickpay cancel payment